“The Process to approximate and adjust, to iterate and refine, is weaved into every form of creation”


To adapt an existing configuration, based upon an ever-changing subjective need, seems to be an exclusive element of creative exploration. To investigate a material that primarily resonates within the researcher himself seems to be a highly intrinsic feature of human behavior.


The piece “12 Bit Alchemy”, commissioned by Fiber Festival 2017 and exhibited at Prima Materia, is devoted to no other field then the act of tinkering, play, and refinement itself. By merging diverse digital procedures, we continuously aim to portray the desire for computational, yet visual revelations.

The project “12 Bit Alchemy” deals with the ongoing transformation and evolution of digital matter. To explore new shapes and colours, we combined real-time procedures and pre-rendered computer graphics. Our design process aims to create chain reactions of different data containers, which were generated across multiple production steps. We call the corresponding method deferred simulation in reference to the advanced technology of deferred rendering.


We defined more than sixty different materials using substance designer and developed a surreal mixture of stone, snow like surface and ice. We then applied those materials to different crystals and rendered each object in C4D. By using Octane as our primary renderer, we were able to generate image data describing the geometric and material attributes of the object – such as uv coordinates, 3d positions, normals, ambient occlusion or material id. By loading those data sets into our realtime vvvv application, we were able distort and deconstruct the rendered images based upon their physical characteristics. Therefor we developed a digital pseudo simulation of chemical reactions for each pixel.


Substance Designer


Design: Waltz Binaire
Artistic Direction: Christian Mio Loclair
3D Artist: Remo Gambacciani
Sound Design: kling klang klong
Commisionened: Fiber Festival 2017
Exhibition: Prima Materia