Christian “Mio” Loclair, creative director at Waltz Binaire, is a media artist and choreographer from Berlin, Germany. He explores the harmonic friction of human bodies, movement and nature colliding with digital aesthetics. Using cutting edge technology in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives and dance performances, he continuously illuminates the beauty and drama of human identity. He is publishing his work on mobile applications, digital projections and theater stages around the world for independent and commissioned projects.


Mio studied Computer Science at the University Potsdam and Hasso Plattner Institute, specializing in Media Engineering and graduated in Human Computer Interaction (2010). He published the scientific paper Pinchwatch about gestural micro interactions at the Mobile HCI 2010 Lisbon.


Mio started his professional career as a dancer in 2001 and became the winner of the International Battle of the year (Popping 2007), the Ruhrpott Battle (2007)and the Wutal Battle (2008 Pina Bausch Festival).Mio was chosen to represent Germany at the UK Bboy World Championships (2007, 2010) and portrayed the world champion of hiphop dance in the US Movie You got Served 2.


Furthermore he choreographed the theater pieces Marionettes, Reflection, Volvere and co-choreographed 110 (Niels Storm Robitzky) and POW_2045 (Raphael Hillebrand).


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